Create Wild Themed Sex Parties in Exotic Locations around the world in Pleasure Party 2, a "Sandbox" style Orgy Simulation Game. Create up to 25 custom characters and arrange them in any of over 75 sexual positions to create and manage the Orgy of your dreams!

Pleasure Party 2 takes the naughty fun of Pleasure Party to the Next Level with customizable characters, over 75 sexual positionsindividual character skills and larger more intricate themed environments.

In Pleasure Party 2, Tiffany is hired by a very rich couple to use her "expertise" to create wild, Opulent, fanciful themed orgies in exotic locations all around the world. From a Wild-West sex party to a Pirate Themed Orgy, Tiffany uses her talents to assemble a group of enthusiastic guests and create parties that generate massive amounts of sexual pleasure.

In this "Sandbox" style erotic game, you can choose from 9 dynamic themes for your sex parties, create up to 25 custom characters to attend, and place your characters into any of over 75 different sexual positions including solo, straight, lesbian, "three-or-more" and even custom positions specific to each party theme.

The sex party themes available include:

  • Wild Wild West
  • Golf Course
  • Fairy Tale
  • Noir Speakeasy
  • Asian Garden
  • Yacht Party
  • Holiday Village
  • Space Base
  • Pirate Island

Pleasure Party 2 gives you the ability to build wild, hot and super-fun orgies where the pleasure is only limited by your imagination!

Please note that Pleasure Party 2 uses high-end graphics, and requires a desktop PC with a reasonably modern Video Card, updated Video Card driver and at least 8 gigabytes of video card RAM.



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