Cute Socks is a Real-Time 3D interactive experience based on the bestselling Erotic Story by Cammie Conte. Live a week in the life of Judy, an Eighteen-Year-Old girl who is home alone for the week, and looking for fun things to do. Her adventure begins when an article in a magazine encourages her to do a few fun activities around the house while wearing only her cutest socks!

When her best friend Julia comes to stay with her and join in the fun, the action gets turned up a notch. The two complete a series of increasingly more intense sexual activities that lead to a few days of hot and steamy lesbian bliss.

In Cute Socks, you play along as Judy goes from shy and bored girl, to bold adventurer who roams the house, and even the local forest, in nothing but cute socks. And once her BFF shows up to play along, Judy goes from nervous, hesitant friend to passionate lesbian lover looking to give and receive as many earth-shattering orgasms as she can!

In Cute Socks, you control the action, with the ability to set the speed, actions and even make adjustments to the positions the characters take during their "Fun". If you like beautiful naked girls and steamy lesbian fun, give it a try now!

Please note that Cute Socks uses high-end graphics, and requires a desktop PC with a reasonably modern Video Card, updated Video Card driver and at least 8 gigabytes of video card RAM.



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